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March 2020

  • Vol. 2 No. 1
  • Study on Fire Blight Forecasting Using Rotary-Wing Drone

    Hyun-Jung Kim, Jun-Woo Park, Chan-Seok Ryu, Tae-Hwan Kang

  • Development of Bubble Removal System in Water Treatment using High Pressure Air

    SeungMin Woo, Uyeh Daniel Dooyum, YeongSu Kim, JunHee Kim, YunSu Kim, SeokHo Kang, Yu Shin Ha

  • Correlation between the Intake and Driving Parts according to the Length of the Original Food Processor for Machine-cleaning of Field Crops

    Jin-Hyeok Yoon, Deog-Hyun Lee, Jun-Hyeon Lee, Hyeon-Tae Kim*

  • Analysis of the Cutting Performance of Baler Chopper

    Jun-Beom Cho, Deog-Hyun Lee, Hui-Cheol Kang, Hyeon-Tae Kim

  • Analysis of Solar Energy by Greenhouse Shape and Floor Materials

    Yun-Ki Choi, Deog-Hyun Lee, Na-Eun Kim, Hyeon-Tae Kim*

  • Development of the Peanut Peeling Machine

    Seung Min Woo, Uyeh Daniel Dooyum, Yeongsu Kim, Jun Hee Kim, Seokho Kang Yu Shin Ha, Young Yoon Jang

  • Crop height measurement using stereo vision

    Kyeong-Min Kang, Seung-Hoon Han, Joon-Soo Lee, Ji-Eun Lee, Dae-Hyun Lee

  • Weed Classification in Sweet potato Fields Based on Image-learning

    Seung-Hoon Han, Kyeong-Min Kang, Min-Seok Kim, Chae-Yoon Oh, Dae-Hyeon Lee