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December 2022

  • Vol. 4 No. 4
  • A Study on the current status of hydrogen economy and the future development direction

    Ryu-seon Kim, Jong-hwa Park, Mi-kyoung Kim, Min-woo Han

  • A Study on the Advancement Planning of School-based Enterprises Support program

    Ryu-seon Kim, Jong-hwa Park, Mi-kyoung Kim, Min-woo Han

  • Trend in garlic agricultural industry using characteristics of garlic: A Review

    Hyung-Gyu Park, Seok-Ho Kang, Yong-Gik Kim, Ye-Seul Lee, Na-Rae Kang, Yeong-Su Kim, Daniel-Dooyum Uyeh, Seung-Min Woo, Young-Hwa Kim, Yu-Shin Ha

  • Trends of Technologies and Standards for Digital Agriculture and Future Standardization Initiative

    Mun Hwan Choi, Ju Young Park

  • Stability Analysis of a Tractor: A Review

    Yeongsu Kim, Seokho Kang, Hyunggyu Park, Yonggik Kim, Seungmin Woo, Dooyum Daniel Uyeh, Yushin Ha

  • Power analysis for silage formation of 140 kW self-propelled integrated bale production machine

    Min-Jae Park, Cheol-Woo Yang, Hyeon-Ho Jeon, Seung-Yun Baek, Seung-Min Baek, Jun-Ho Lee, Yong-Joo Kim

  • Development of simulation model of hydraulic power transmission for agricultural multipurpose driving platform

    Jong Bin Seo, Hyeon Ho Jeon, Seung Yun Baek, Seung Min Baek, Yong Joo Kim

  • Development of multi-body dynamics simulation model of agricultural 4WD electric vehicle platform for upland farming

    Su-Young Yoon, Hyeon-Ho Jeon, Seung-Min Baek, Seung-Yun Baek, Jun-Ho Lee, Yong-Joo Kim

  • Load analysis of electric driving system of crawler type weeding robot during driving in asphalt and paddy field condition

    Ji Won Choi, Seung Yun Baek, Seung Min Baek, Hyeon Ho Jeon, Hui Jong Chung, Yong Joo Kim

  • Effects of temperatures on development and reproduction of predatory mite Stratiolaelaps scimitus(Acari: Laelapidae)

    Jong-Geun Hong, Dong-Hyuk Hong, Yong-Woo Lee

  • Evaluation of a control effect of harmful pests in the soil using natural enemies

    Ho-Seung Jang, Hak-Soon Park, Jong Geun Hong, Yong-Woo Lee, Dong-Hyuck Hong

  • Development of an Algorithm for Predicting the Crop Status based on Artificial Intelligence Learning

    Hyun-Sik Joo, Seong-Min Kim, Dae-Chul Kim, Hyun-Jin Kim, Hyung-Soo Lee, Dong-Eun Kim, Yongjin Cho

  • Performance analysis of the agricultural turner with DEM analysis

    Jinho Son, Seokho Kang, Yeongsu Kim, Jonggeun Hong, Donghyeok Hong