Current Issue
September, 2022

  • Vol. 04 No. 03
  • Comparison of bending characteristics by analysis of wires for hydrogen-charging hose

    Youn-Kyou Kim, Byeng-Ju Kim, Guk-Hyun Kim, Woo-Won Youn, Chul-Min Son

    In this study, in order to develop a hose with heat resistance, pressure resistance, and durability performance that can be used for hydrogen fuel, CAE was performed ...

  • Performance evaluation of plasma heater core for facility horticultural house heating

    Sang-Gu Kang, In-Cheol Park, Kil-Ho Kim, Tae-Hwan Kang

    The purpose of this study is to develop a high-efficiency underwater plasma discharge boiler for facility horticultural house heating. A plasma discharge heater core using ...

  • Comparison of tensile test used on wire for hydrogen charging hose

    In-Hee Cho, Youn-Kyou Kim, Chul-Min Son

    The purpose of this study is to compare the wire to be used for hydrogen charging hose though a tensile test. For the sample, 3 types of high pressure hose ...