Current Issue
March, 2021

  • Vol. 03 No. 01
  • Fruit Classification using Convolutional Neural Network(CNN)

    Myongkyoon Yang, Seong In Cho

    Deep learning which is a concept based on an artificial neural network overcomes the previous issues such as optimization ...

  • Characteristics of briquette developed from spent coffee grounds (SCG) as a fuel

    Yeongsu Kim, Jonggeun Hong, Junhee Kim, Seokho Kang, Donghyuck Hong

    Spent Coffee Grounds (SCG) is an environmental nuisance material; however, if it is processed appropriately, it can be converted ...

  • Fatigue life evaluation of rear axle gear pairs on multi-purpose agricultural implement machinery

    Seok-Pyo Moon, Yong-Joo Kim

    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the fatigue life of rear driving axle gear pairs on multi-purpose agricultural machinery for the optimal ...

  • Investigation of optimal drop condition at a fresh cut fruit conveying device

    Dong Eok Kim, Dong Hyeon Kang, Soon Joong Hong, Jeong Gyun Kang

    Recently, the automation of the measuring and packaging processes for the mass production of fresh-cut fruits is drawing attention as the ...

  • Analysis of PTO load for agricultural tractor according to bale pressure

    Nam-Gyu Lee, Young Soo Choi, Yong-Joo Kim

    This is a basic study for the performance evaluation and optimal design of the 78 kW class tractor PTO (Power-Take-Off) during baler operation ...