Current Issue
March, 2024

  • Vol. 06 No. 01
  • Automatic gate controlling system for sustainable agriculture water management in Sri Lanka: A review

    E.J.M.P.T.K. Rathnayaka and Tusan Park

    This research introduces an automatic gate-controlling system explicitly tailored for sustainable paddy cultivation in Sri Lanka. Paddy fields, critical to the nation's food security, often face water management and ...

  • Pepper transplanting mechanisms and kinematic simulation analysis: A review

    Eliezel Habineza, Md Nasim Reza, Emmanuel Bicamumakuba, Md Asrakul Haque, Seok-Ho Park, Dae-Hyun Lee, Sun-Ok Chung, Ye-Seul Lee

    Pepper production plays a significant role in the global agricultural economy, yet traditional manual transplanting methods lead to labor intensity challenges, inconsistency, and time constraints. Transplanting mechanisms of ...

  • Machine vision and artificial intelligence for plant growth stress detection and monitoring: A review

    Sumaiya Islam, Md Nasim Reza, Samsuzzaman, Shahriar Ahmed, Yeon Jin Cho, Dong Hee Noh, Sun-Ok Chung, Soon Jung Hong

    The agricultural sector faces increasing challenges in ensuring food security and optimizing crop yield, necessitating innovative solutions for early detection and mitigation of plant growth stress. The integration of ...

  • IoT-based solar-powered smart irrigation system with solar tracker for rice fields

    Pabel Kanti Dey, Selina Banu, Milufarzana, Sakib Robin, Nayon Chandra Mazumdar, Samsuzzaman, Md Shaha Nur Kabir

    Water management in irrigated agricultural fields is a critical issue in Bangladesh due to a lack of improved irrigation facilities for efficient use of irrigation water, and the cost of crop production is high with low agricultural ...