Current Issue
June, 2023

  • Vol. 05 No. 02
  • Case Analysis and Future Directions for High-Quality Smart Citrus Farming in Jeju Island

    Jin-Hyuck Jeong, Ka Young Lee, Samsuzzaman, Mohammod Ali, Sun-Ok Chung, Soon Jung Hong

    High-quality citrus farming is essential for increasing agricultural production on Jeju Island. Citrus income, which accounts for 56% of ...

  • Deep learning based identification of Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) diseases: A review

    Chan Ho Kim, Samsuzzaman, Md Nasim Reza, Ka Young Lee, Md Razob Ali, Sun-Ok Chung, Md Shaha Nur Kabir

    Recent advancements in plant disease identification have leveraged image processing and deep learning techniques ...

  • Inteligent environment detection technology for autonomous combine harvester

    Seung-Woo Kang, Soo-Hyun cho, Baek-Gyeom Seong, Dae-Hyun Lee

    In this study, we purposed autonomous combine harvester's environment detection system based on deep neural networks ...

  • PID Control for Greenhouse Climate Regulation: A Review

    Tae Ho Kim, Ka Young Lee, Md Razob Ali, Md Nasim Reza, Sun-Ok Chung, Na-Rae Kang

    The increasing demand for sustainable agricultural practices has spurred a significant interest in optimizing greenhouse ...

  • Development of real-time crop recognition and control technology for weeding robot

    SooHyun Cho, HeeJong Jeong, SeungWoo Kang, DaeHyun Lee, ChungYeol Lee

    In this study, a weeding robot with real-time crop recognition and weed control techniques was developed. To collect real-time ...