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June 2021

  • Vol. 3 No. 2
  • Leaf image based cucumber powdery mildew recognition using image processing with color model

    Jeong-Lim Shim, Yeong-Soo Choi, Yang-Hyun Choi, Jun-Won Hong, Dung Kim Nguyen, Xiang-Hui Xin

  • Improvement of thermal uniformity of multilayer broiler house using CFD analysis

    Donghyeok Park, Jaesuk Kim, Hongsik Kim, Joong Yong Rhee

  • Assessment of collector materials for spray deposition measurement for Unmanned Aerial Spraying System

    Chun gu Lee1, Daehyun Kim, Inho Hwang, Jung-sang Yoo, JaeSuk Kim, Tae Chun Kim, Joong Yong Rhee