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December 2019

  • Vol. 1 No. 1
  • Analysis of Data Transfer Success Rate of LoRa and Zigbee Wireless Communication for the Smartfarm

    Yong-Ju Moon, Joon Yong Kim, Hoseo Lee, Tusan Park*, Sun-Ok Chung, Hyun-Tae Kim

  • Characteristics of Liquified Fertilizer Process Samples and Evaluation of Membrane Process Reliability

    Donghyuck Hong*, Junhee Kim, Yushin Ha

  • Simulation of PID Controller for an Electric Driven Agricultural Machinery under the Plowing Workload

    Seung-Yun Baek, Pa-Ul Lee*

  • Strength Analysis on the Compound Planetary Gear of the Hydro-Mechanical Transmission for an Agricultural Tractor

    Seung-Min Baek, Seong-Un Park*

  • Study on the Overturning Angle of a Self-Propelled Pulling-Type Radish Harvester

    Taek-Jin Kim, Li-Jung Lee, Hee-Jong Jung*

  • Equivalent Load Analysis on the Hydraulic Pump for 105 HP Tractor During Plow and Rotary Tillage Operation

    Seok-Pyo Moon, Tae-Ho Han*

  • A Study on the Development of an Environmental Friendly Electric Driving Transplanter

    Md Abu Ayub Siddique, Pa-Ul Lee*

  • Development of Autonomous Tractor Model considering the Off-road Environment

    Taek-Jin Kim, Hyeon-Ho Jeon, Yong-Joo Kim*

  • Dynamic Characteristic Analysis of an Autonomous Tractor According to Plow Tillage

    Taek-Jin Kim, Hyeon-Ho Jeon, Yong-Joo Kim*

  • Development of Working Mode for 78-kW Class Agricultural Tractor during Plow Tillage and Rotary Tillage

    Wan-Soo Kim, Seong-Un Park*