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March 2023

  • Vol. 5 No. 1
  • Application of fuzzy logics for smart agriculture: A review

    Tae Youn Lee, Md Nasim Reza, Sun-Ok Chung, Dong Uk Kim, Seung Yeon Lee, Dae Han Choi

  • Application of expert system for smart livestock production management: A review

    Sung Wook Lee, Md Nasim Reza, Sun-Ok Chung, Ho-Sung An, Ye Rin Lee, Sung Soo Kim, Hye Won Seo, Chang Uk Cheon

  • Application of artificial neural network in smart protected horticulture: A review

    Jae Won Lim, Md Nasim Reza, Sun-Ok Chung, Ka Young Lee, Se Yoon Lee, Ki Nam Lee, Bram Lee

  • Design Study of the Automatic Growing Seedling Platform based on ERP system

    Seok-Bong Noh, Youn-Neyoung Kim, Dong-Hee Noh