A Study on the Advancement Planning of School-based Enterprises Support program

Ryu-seon  Kim1   Jong-hwa  Park2   Mi-kyoung  Kim2   Min-woo  Han2,*   

1Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology
2Korea Institute of Knowledge Service


This study intends to examine the current status and improvement points of the school-based enterprise systems and support projects for the enterprises and to explore alternatives through which they can continue to create and spread performance that meets their original purposes based on the examination results. The scope of this study includes the school-based enterprises at universities and colleges. Secondary data in literature was used for data related to the status of the enterprises, and an expert group interview was conducted to derive pending issues to improve the school-based enterprise systems and their improvement points. As a result of the study, two directions for the systems’ development and five advancement plans for the systems were suggested.

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