A Study on the current status of hydrogen economy and the future development direction

Ryu-seon Kim1   Jong-hwa  Park2   Mi-kyoung  Kim2   Min-woo Han2,*   

1Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology
2Korea Institute of Knowledge Service


In this study, we compared and analyzed the current status of policy implementation in major countries and Korea in relation to the hydrogen economy, which is currently active worldwide. The so-called ‘H2 Race’ is fierce among countries, but there is a possibility that Korea will take the lead by preparing a preemptive strategy and expanding investment. In order to realize this based on the sustainable growth of the Korean hydrogen economy, it is judged that it is essential to establish an ecosystem for the entire cycle of production-storage-transportation-utilization. First, beyond gray hydrogen, which represents the current hydrogen economy, and blue hydrogen, which is gradually increasing in proportion, we need to take a leap forward to green hydrogen with zero carbon emission as a result. Second, intensive investment is needed to foster the hydrogen storage/transport industry to secure the three elements (economic, safety, and efficiency) of the supply chain of the future hydrogen economy. Third, the hydrogen stations representing the current hydrogen economy are centered on gaseous hydrogen, but for the universal use of hydrogen and economic operation of the hydrogen stations, it is necessary to increase the proportion of liquid hydrogen stations in future.

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