Analysis of Physical and Biodegradable Characteristics of Biodegradable pot for Mechanical Transplanter

Jun-Hyeon  Lee1   Ung-Kyu  Kim2   Deog-Hyun  Lee1   Hyeon-Tae  Kim1,*   



biodegradable seedling pots can contribute to saving of working hours, and prevent temporary fatigue of plants through a method of planting pots themselves with seedlings unlike synthetic resin pots in the process of replanting from raising seedlings farms. Also, it is possible for the ingredients of pots to act as a feeding source in the process of crop growth by dissolution of pots. Therefore, in this study, the physical and biodegradable characteristics of biodegradable pot for mechanical transplanter. First, the tensile and sheat strength of the biodegradable pot depending on the moisture contents in the pots were measured. As a result of experimenting pots dipped in water for 60 seconds and pots for 5 hours, respectively in measuring the strength of biodegradable pots, it could be seen that the strength of water absorption pots dropped off by nearly 50 % comparing to the water non-absorption pots in the states of water non-absorption and absorption, and water absorption. It can be said that this aptly expressed the characteristics of biodegradable pots which can accelerate solution through water absorption. The result of this study may be used to develop mechanical transplanter in the future.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Biodegradable pot.