Impact of storage method after cutting the garlic stem on the variation of the components of garlic

Junhee Kim1   Seokho Kang1   Yeongsu Kim1   Hyung-Gyu Park1   Dooyum Uyeh Daniel1,2   Yushin Ha1   Seungmin Woo1,2,*   



In this study, the control and experimental groups of Namdo and Daeseo of warm-season variety, Danyang and Euiseong of cold-season variety were stored to analyze allicin, total phenol compounds, and minerals for develop garlic stem cutting machine. The content of allicin was analyzed the highest in the control group of Namdo variety at 381.73 mg/100 g, and the experimental group of Euiseong variety was analyzed the lowest at 64.25 mg/100 g. Danyang variety was analyzed that there was no significant difference between the control group and the experimental group, and the change of allicin was similar with the change in the weight loss rate. The total phenol compounds were analyzed to be higher in control group than in the experimental group in Namdo and Daeseo, which are warm-season varieties, and in Euiseong and Danyang, which are cold-season varieties, the experimental group was higher than the control group. However, Daeseo and Danyang varieties were not significant, and it was analyzed that they did not affect the changes in the ingredients. Mineral content was analyzed that the control group in all varieties had a higher total amount of inorganic matter than the experimental group, and it was analyzed that the change in composition due to garlic stem cutting was affected. Based on the results of this study, the effect on the ingredients was not significant even if garlic stems were cut and stored, and considering the aging of the rural population and labor costs rather than the loss of garlic ingredients, it is believed that garlic stem cutting machines can be used to increase the convenience of work and reduce labor costs.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1.Uncut stem of garlic.