Safety Analysis by Design Factor of Weeding Cultivator

Junhee Kim1   Haesung Jung1,3   Yeongsu Kim1   Donghyuck Hong2,*   



The purpose of this study is to analyze the safety of the main driving parts for the development of the small weeding cultivator. The field test was conducted by attaching a strain gauge to the rotating shaft for safety analysis of the driving components. Using the measured torque values, the gear and rotation shaft were simulated using a RecerDyn software and the blade was simulated using an Ansys software. The test results showed that the thickness of the gear exceeds the allowable stress of the material if the thickness of the gear is less than 6 mm, diameter of the rotation shaft is less than 10 mm, and the thickness of the blade is less than 1.5 mm.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1.Image of strain gauge attachment and calibration