Performance Test and Comparative Analysis with Commercialized Products for the Development of Horticultural Binder with Heat-melting

Hyung-Gyu Park1   Yeong-Su Kim1   Jun-Hee Kim1   Seok-Ho Kang1   Seungmin Woo1   Dooyum-Uyeh Daniel1   Yu-Shin Ha1,*   



In this paper, we propose a binder that reduces labor and uses heat to fuse the film in a short time. Existing stapler type binder have a disadvantage that the iron core remains in the soil after work is completed, and the tape type requires a lot of manpower. In order to solve this problem, in this study, a performance test of a thermal fusion binder for horticulture that fuses a film using heat generated by electricity and a comparative experiment with existing binders is conducted for commercialization. After measuring the heating time of the developed horticultural binder with heat-melting in 10 − 3(ms) units, the film binding force, that is, the performance of the binder was tested through the film tensile force test. In addition, a comparative experiment was conducted with the previously released stapler type and tape type binder and tensile force, and it was confirmed that binder with heat-melting was higher than the tensile force of the existing binder and the performance was even better.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1.Binder with heat-melting)