A simulation Model for Capacity Design of a Manufacturing Process for pellet developed from spent coffee grounds

Yeongsu Kim1   Junhee Kim1   Seokho Kang1   Seungmin Woo1   Donghyuck Hong1,*   



Amid the recent development of renewable energy due to environmental pollution, productivity and economic analysis of the plant system of the pallet manufactured using Spent coffee grounds (SCG) is required. As a result of the operation simulation by capacity of pellet molding machine, the operation rate was generally excellent at 1000 kg/h capacity, and the coffee pellet total output was analyzed at about 4.5 ton/day. In addition, the break-even point was calculated by analyzing the process of making coffee pellets by receiving a coffee pumpkin from a coffee drink manufacturer. The break-even point calculated on the basis of the unit price of the SCG pellet of 500 won/kg and the operating cost of the model designed on a daily output of 3.2 ton were 51 months. Considering that the life expectancy is eight years, it was analyzed that the break-even point was four years and three months.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1.Block diagram of coffee pellet system.