Characteristics of briquette developed from spent coffee grounds (SCG) as a fuel

Yeongsu Kim1   Jonggeun Hong1   Junhee Kim1   Seokho Kang1   Donghyuck Hong1,*   

1Department of Bio-industrial Machinery Engineering, Kyungpook National University, Daegu 41566, Republic of Korea


Spent Coffee Grounds (SCG) is an environmental nuisance material; however, if it is processed appropriately, it can be converted into renewable energy source. This study aims to identify the optimal torrefied process of SCG mixture by analyzing the mass yield, the energy yield, and the heating value. Coal briquettes were produced with carbonated SCG as the main material, and Bottom Ash (BA) and Kaolinite Clay (KC) were mixed to form the shape. The physicochemical characteristics of SCG briquettes were analyzed to confirm their value as solid fuel.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 2. Heating value variation in terms various processing time and temperature.