Concept design for the agricultural byproduct collector in orchard farm

Seok-Joon  Hwang1   Jeong-Hoon  Kim1   Ju-Seok  Nam1,*   



In this study, the concept design of the agricultural by-product collector was conducted for orchard farm. Target crop was selected in consideration as the potential generation of agricultural by-product. Also, the agricultural by-product collector was designed in considered as planting space and cultivation environment of the target corp. Agricultural by-product collector is classified by driving part, collecting part, conveying part, and loading part. Each part consist of crank-type collecting device, rotation-type collecting device, connecting pin, conveyor belt, cargo box, track, power source, power transmission device. Through this research, it is expected that increasing of the agricultural mechanization ratio, reducing the labor force and load.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. A view of the agricultural by-product collector.